Entering the Cloud Sector with Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification: Load Yourself with Study Materials, Take Practice Tests and Start Your Journey

There are currently about 12AWS certifications available across 4 different levels, which are Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. The very first one that Amazon offers is an entry-level class of credentials. ExamCollection Amazon AWS Certification As of the time of writing this article, this category includes only one certificate known as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This badge will be our main focus in this post, so let’s start our overview.

Certification in Detail

This certification track is designed to provide the applicants with a high-level introduction to AWS. The badge confirms one’s overall fundamental understanding of Amazon Web Services, AWS Cloud architectural principles, compliance, and common use cases. Author: Percival C It focuses mainly on the general knowledge of what the main services do. One of the requirements for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate is to pass one exam, which is CLF-C01. Therefore, let’s talk about it right now.

Exam in Detail

The CLF-C01test is very important for anyone who wants to venture into a career connected with the Cloud platform. It covers the following domains that form all the questions of the exam:

  • Billing and Pricing (16%);
  • Security and Compliance (25%);
  • Author: Alan F
  • Cloud Concepts (26%);
  • Technology (33%).

Amazon CLF-C01 is 90 minutes long and available in English, Korean, Indonesian (Bahasa), Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. You will have to answer 50 questions and get the passing score of at least 700/1000 points. Getting 70% or higher in this exam is not a joke. Author: Nelson K It requires a thorough understanding of the entire content, including all the subtopics and minor details.

This can be easily achieved by taking online courses or using available resources to study the syllabus. The candidates can also take formal training to prepare for this exam. However, it is important to mention that any preparation should not be completed without practice tests. Taking some is the ultimate way to know whether you are fully ready to take the actual exam or not. You can pay $20 to try an official mock test offered by Amazon. Brain dumps should also be a part of your preparation process. Save 25% >>>> If sourced from a credible platform and used accordingly, they can make Amazon CLF-C01 much easier to crack.

Benefits Only

After passing the CLF-C01 exam, you will become an AWS certified specialist. And after obtaining the credential, you will become a Cloud practitioner who can earn a lot of benefits. First, the certification validates your expertise of AWS Cloud making you a highly sought‑after Cloud guru. Secondly, the badge will give you the chance to attend events and also access venues such as the AWS Summit, which are usually restricted to the individuals and can be attended with the Amazon certificates only. Save on Pass4sure >> Thirdly, becoming a certified specialist expands your job prospects.

AWS is stubbornly dominant in the Cloud industry, and any certification that Amazon provides to establish the individual’s Cloud computing expertise definitely carries a lot of weight. Therefore, becoming a Cloud practitioner does not mean that you are limited only to working with Amazon Web Services or with the companies that use AWS. Instead, you can work for Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure as well or any organization that utilizes any of the available Cloud computing platforms.


As you can see, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential provides a solid base on which you can set up a lucrative career. So, don’t think that you will not be in demand among the organizations. Take the exam instead, get the badge, and start building your career in the Cloud sector now!

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