The football boots worn by the 1966 England Captain Bobby Moore are back in business

Originally set up in 1966, the year of which England Captain, Bobby Moore had the privilege of setting the record as the only Englishman to ever lift the World Cup, the Stylo Matchmakers football boot label launched from a shoe factory in Northampton.

Today the Stylo Matchmakers sports and football boot label comes packed with heritage and is back in business to take on the big brands which dominate the multi-billion pound football boot market.

Stylo Matchmakers are now working with and supplying anti-corporate football boot consumers who don’t want to follow the trends determined by the corporate money hungry marketing departments.

Now on a mission to crack the boot market once again, Stylo have relaunched a few of their most memorable classic football boot designs as well as some more contemporary limited edition models including the classic Heirship Seventy Four design which first appeared our television sets around 1974 and graced the feet of Bobby Moore OBE and the entire Fulham squad in 1975.

Stylo Matchmakers had established itself earlier in the late sixties with the signings of the likes of world greats Pele and George Best. Stylo Matchmakers rapidly scaled from the signing of individual players to taking over full squads of the Seventies.

Teams included Leeds United FC, Celtic FC, Liverpool FC, Nottingham Forest FC, AFC Sunderland and also Fulham FC later in 1975, where Bobby Moore was the club captain.

Whilst wearing their Stylo Matchmakers, Fulham made it to the final of the FA Cup. They lost. West Ham United picked up the victory, a club Bobby spent fifteen years of his career at.

By the time he retired Moore had played more than six hundred games across all competitions. His reading of the game will always be remembered as exceptional and his immaculate timing of the tackle was always so wonderfully illustrated.

There should a law against him. He knows what’s happening 20 minutes before everyone else

Jock Stein, Seventies Football Manager

In 2002, nine years after he passed away, Bobby Moore was enlisted in to the football hall of fame. In 2007 a statue of Moore was built outside the new Wembley, and in 2008 West Ham decided to retire the number 6 shirt, in honour of their former Captain, fifty years after his first played for the club.

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